All Wheel Trim Ltd.
Unit H, Country Park
Avenue 2, Station Lane
Witney, OX28 4YD
United Kingdom

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All Wheel Trim Ltd. about us / Workshop

Just some pictures from around our workshop
from left to right: Kevin/Trimmer, Cathy/not quite productive yet, Kim/master Trimmer, Mick/the useful hand, Barbara/the Office soul, Lyn/stitcher, Joe/stitcher, Dora/stitcher, Henry/trainee, and Hanno/behind the camera ;o)
All Wheel Trim / staff

Still lives from the workshop
Leather trim
Leather trim (leather seat for a vintage car, not quiet finished yet)

Land Rover bits and pieces
Land Rover bits for the hoods

Land Rover straps, tips and buckels
Land Rover straps and tips

the store
The store...

the store again
...another impression of the store
(at least we try to keep it tidy)

just cotton
Any colour you want!

We keep lot's of different brass eyelids and buckles in stock

"Betsi" the good old beast.

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