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Now some thing new is happening to this page, informations for HTML-minded folks of you.
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OK ;o) what dose it means to you ? Well I just want to create a clean Web-page, up to the latest HTML-standards

Tuesday, 9.Aug.2005
OK, the hectic season is all most over, so I have a bit more time to fill up the empty spaces on the page...
Thanks a lot to all of you who send us a lot of nice images, witch are now filling the gaps with nice impressions and informations.

Tuesday, 15.Mar.2005
Well, well, you may think we have no humour ? ;o) the spam song

Sunday, 6.Mar.2005
There are some Spam filter and skit holes added to our page, to fight back against the spammer community fight the junk

Wednesday, 10.Nov.2004
Extended images around the 90" 3/4 Defender page and added some Customers comments.

Wednesday, 15 Sep.2004
Updates at the price list and more images for frame parts to make it easier to identifying the parts

Saturday, 14 Aug.2004
Well after a very busy show season there are some updates on our Web-pages again, added is the Lorry page and lots of small changes

Friday, 16.Apr.2004
Rollbars in stock now !
(Our Rollbars are galvanized and Powder coated)

Thursday, 5.Feb.2004
Lot's of small updates done, and some more translation for the German's...... jerrys

Friday, 23.Jan.2004
Some of the F1-Racing pages got updated, and the FQA-page got extended regarding the 109" and 110" 3/4-frames and hoods. Technical description how to fit this kits.

Monday, 5.Jan.2004
Braking news... we just started to reproduce Frame parts for the 101" GS Forward Control... you be able to get your missing or bend bars as a kit or separate.

Friday, 16.Dec.2003
Christmas is coming up and we want to let you know, that we want some days off as well, after a very busy time in the last few weeks. So, we are off from the 24.December.2003 and back at work on Monday the 5.January.2004.
We wish every one a relaxing Christmas and a happy new year.

Friday, 5.Dec.2003
We expanded the Land Rover Frame page with some pictures now !
and will offer Rollbars very soon !
(Our Rollbars are galvanized and Powder coated)

Saturday, 6.Dec.2003
The famous MG pre war racing car "Cream Cracker" is added to our Web side.
Look under Motorsport.

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Sunday, 6 Mar.2005
Unsere Webseite wird nicht mehr in Deutscher Sprache weitergefuehrt, daher bitte bei allen Anfragen und emails Englisch Kentnisse ausgraben.
sorry !

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