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Welcome to our IBEX and special convertion page.

The Foers Ibex is a specialist all-terrain 4x4 or 6x6 vehicles

IBEX Maddison 4x4

Mohair tilts, on the IBEX

IBEX with Mohair hood
IBEX Black Mohair
IBEX with Mohair tilt IBEX rear view with side windows
MADDISON 4x4 IBEX with a cusom made Mohair hood IBEX
IBEX IBEX rear view

Nylon reinforced PVC for Offroad entusiasts

easy to wash, hood made from Nylon reniforced PVC in black
PVC special
PVC with neting Netting and side windows, used as a Dog guard.
Unlimeted fun, power wash the hood later. PVC hood offroading