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Customers Comments and Pictures Gallery

OK, That's our contribution to the Queens Jubilee, the ultimate 101FC with a Union Jack tilt.
This chap loves it ;-)

Land Rover 101 Forward Control / Union jack

Belgium Off Road fun

Land Rover 90" Truck Cab fun Land Rover 90" truck cab
Standard Truck cab for 90" Defender

Stephen Nessling in the sun

Just a short note to thank you for doing such a good job with the Bikini hood for my shortened Defender 90. The hood was a perfect fit first time and is exactly what I was after. Particularly impressive since you've never seen the vehicle, and indeed have never been closer to it than 1,500 miles!

Next job, sometime, will be a full hood for the winter, but I promise you can actually have the vehicle for that!

All the best
Stephen Nessling
Land Rover 90" truck cab
shortened Defender 90

Richard and his brother-in-law, two 90" 3/4 Defender

Land Rover 90" 3/4 Defender Hi Kim,
Finally got all the probs on my landy sorted so I could finally go out and get some photo's for you, Mines the blue 90 and my brother-in-law has the green one, he ordered the top off you at the peterborough show.
Just a thanks from us both as well for sorting the tilts out.
cheers Rich.
Side by side two 90" 3/4 Defender Land Rover 90" 3/4 canvas plain
Land Rover 90" 3/4 sand plain Land Rover 90" 3/4 sand plain

Andy Daws, '86 ex-MOD 90 'Born to be muddy'

PVC hood offroading easy to wash, hood made from Nylon reniforced PVC in black.
Netting and side windows, used as a Dog guard

Safari 110" Bikini-top "

LR110 Special Safari Bikini-top I want the 'Sand' colour. Anything that you can do to expedite the delivery of the canvass will be much appreciated. The vehicles must be in territory (British Virgin Islands) in October. Have attached a few more photos -to ensure that we are talking about the same things.
With regards Andrew

Mr.John Thorpe's 110" 3/4-Defender "

Defender 110" 3/4-tilt made from Mohair, fits the standard frame.
John's comment:
"Look's a treat dosen't it !, see you at Billing"

Land Rover 110" 3/4 in Mohair

Mr. A.Paksys, his 86" special Truck cab and 101"

LR86 Special Truck cab Truck Cap made to Mr. A. Parksys order for his Land Rover 86" with roll up Zip rear flap.
Truck Cap for Land Rover 86" with roll up rear flap Zip and integrated Tonneau cover. LR86 Special Truck cab Click image to see more

Land Rover 101 Forward Control Click image to see more Land Rover 101 Forward Control RHD GS sand with side windows

One of the best 101 GS around. the vehicle was released from service as a missile launcher/gun tractor in 1993. it is ex RAF (built Oct 77) and as such has not led the arduous life that it might in the army. It has a fully operational nokken winch fitted. the cab and body are finished in bronze green (gloss) It runs 2x 60 litre LPG gas tanks that give a range of 250 miles. the hood is in black and made by all wheel trim to clients specification. new petla tyres fitted, waxoyled chassis. many other practical mods. Land Rover 101 FC with a black Canvas Click image to see more

Land Rover 101FC Overland Adventures Click image to see more PS: Also, I included a photo of my orange expedition 101. And a photo of why I need a new hood. "Mick"

Hello All, I purchased a hood from you in May for a 101 in sand colour that you sent to me in the Channel Islands,I don't know if you remember? I just wanted to send you a note saying thank you very much for the tilt and it is an absolutely stunning job.I'm sorry it has taken me so long to contact you it's just that I have only fitted it this weekend! I have been restoring the truck since September last year and your tilt is the absolute crowning glory of the truck! I have attached a pic taken this weekend, will send a better one when the sides are on and painted.I will be in contact soon as I would still like a fume curtain and also have just seen on your website you make tool straps that will match the hood exactly.This may be a strange request but have you ever been asked to make an awning for a Land rover? I was thinking of something that attached to the buckles for the roll ups and had two poles on the outer a edge? Thanks again Daren Land Rover 101 FC in sand Canvas with side rolled up

Land Rover 101 FC with a black Canvas
"can you do me a tilt like this one with some extra straps and windows ?"